How to Send a Contract via DocuSign – Short Guide

how to send a contract via DocuSign

DocuSign is designed to make life easier for those who work with electronic documents. This article is a short guide on how to send a contract via DocuSign and for what purposes to use this service in general.

DocuSign: how does it work?

In the digital age, giving technical capabilities a legal format, allowing individuals to use all available means to exercise their legitimate rights and interests, is a significant advantage. One such means is the electronic digital signature, which is an analog of a regular signature in the digital world of the Internet. An electronic signature saves a lot of time and money: you do not have to print the agreed contract and send it on paper, and then buy large cabinets to store all documents in folders.

DocuSign is developing digital signatures and moving workflow online using cloud technologies. The service allows you to speed up the signing of contracts and is used in many areas of business. As the digital transformation in the enterprise and online marketplaces goes viral, DocuSign is well-positioned to grow further.

This service is one of the leaders in the digital document management market. The service allows you to conveniently upload, send for signature, view, sign, and track the status of documents electronically. The company provides security and international recognition of this kind of workflow.

The program simplifies the workflow, provides legally relevant tools, and ensures a secure signing process, protecting against forgery. The company serves more than 350 thousand companies worldwide. Of these: 7 of the top 10 technology companies, 18 of the top 20 pharmaceutical companies, and 10 of the top 15 financial companies. The company provides services to small, medium, large enterprises and also individual clients, also providing unique offers for each industry and company.

The DocuSign app is designed for all industries, but the company has features and expertise for specific industries, namely real estate, financial services, insurance, manufacturing, and healthcare.

Digital transformation is prompting many large companies to rethink all their business processes, focusing on automation and ease of use. Moving agreements online will be a necessary part of most digital transformation projects. In this case, the DocuSign platform allows customers to legally automate and streamline business-critical workflows, saving time and money.

How to use DocuSign for sending contracts?

The DocuSign plugin is a good application for working with all kinds of documents. To send a document for signing, you need to do the following steps:

  • to upload a file to the application in Word, PDF format or download it from any cloud service;
  • after that, you choose to whom to send the file and indicate on the downloaded document where you need a signature;
  • to sign a document, you must log in to the system;
  • after authorization, a digital signature is projected based on your first and last nameĐ–
  • after affixing a signature in all the marked fields, click the Finish button.

All your documents will be conveniently organized into Inbox, Sent Items, and Drafts folders. Thus, you will always know where everything is. You will also have options for quickly viewing documents that require you to take some action that you are waiting for, as well as unsigned by the recipient.

In addition, there are cool features to simplify routine work. For example, if you are constantly submitting the same contract, you can make it a template. Simply upload the file to Templates (or use the document you have already sent), fill in all required fields, and save.